Our Techniques

Page header our techniques response“To evoke a favourable reaction from a person who is in the market for the product or service that you offer”

At Stewart & Associates we work with a revolutionary system of advertising known as “Response Orientated Advertising” which makes sure you get maximum response each and every time your advertisement runs. It takes very simple, logical steps to explain exactly how people read your advertisement, and more importantly, why they are going to respond to your ad rather than your competitors. Once we understand how this works, we adjust your advertising accordingly, to ensure that every penny you invest works to it’s maximum potential with a minimum of wastage.

How do we get people to look at your ad?

The first stage of the system is to get enough of the right people to look at your ad. This is the easiest step of all. When we talk about the right people, we mean brand new customers who want to buy your product or service. There is no point in wasting money trying to attract people who aren’t going to buy, and no point in attracting customers who are already coming to your shop, They are already coming!
This is where we outclass the rest. We attract brand new customers who are actually going to your competitors, and get them to come to you instead. We can do this easily by using a very simple technique….but that’s not all.

How do we get people to stay with your ad?

The “Response Orientated Advertising” techniques are the most up to date in the country and this stage of our ad design differs from anything else that you may have experienced. It is very easy to get people to look at your ad, the key is to get people to stay with the ad and respond! We achieve this by thinking about what the potential customer really wants and what they really care about. This information then becomes the basis for our advertisement. Within an hour, we will collate all the information needed to design an effective advertisement that will continue to get a response each and every time it appears.
So if you need help getting a response to your advertising, let us do the work and design an ad that will dramatically increase your response rate, and therefore make much better use of the money that you invest.
Make sure you talk to the experts with over 25 years of experience designing ads that work.

If you would like to find out more information about the “Response Orientated Advertising” programme, please don’t hesitate to call. Within 20 minutes of meeting you will know more more about how to attract the right type of person to your advert and why it can work every single time it runs than you ever thought possible.


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