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Local people like local news, and once upon a time the only choice was to take their news through their newspaper. As part of the newspaper industry’s effort to keep up with the digital era and combat declining newspaper sales, (although as things stand at the moment Newspapers are still one of the most cost-effective media available to local businesses), the regional press have invested millions of pounds in their own websites to deliver the most up to date breaking news, 24 hours a day.

With the newspapers enforced choice to ensure that they can provide their news online to a growing audience, it has created fantastic opportunities to increase your response rate in a very cost-effective media choice. There are numerous ways of targeting your customer profile online with various sizes and styles of banner adverts to either lead people to your own website or increase footfall through your business premises.

Not only is the targeting much more effective than ever before but also analysing your responses have never be more accurate. When running an ad campaign on your local newspaper website you will be provided with statistics to show how many people have visited your website from the newspaper site, which ads they responded to and from which target segment, allowing you to amend your campaign or copy at a moments notice and react to market conditions.

At Stewart & Associates we will ensure that you completely understand how, who and when to target and how to decipher the response results as they come in. We will design your advert banners using the “Response Orientated Advertising” techniques, ensuring that your ad has the best opportunity to get a result with every page impression that it receives.

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